A discovery

Where does the name Korrigane come from?

The name is inspired by an old sailboat called the Korrigane, which was used as an exploration vessel. The brewery’s logo represents a medallion that was brought back from one of the ship’s expeditions.

Our mission

Located in Quebec City’s St. Roch neighbourhood, Korrigane creates beer that is brewed in small quantities using artisanal methods. The brewery’s mission also has a social and cultural component that aims to promote Quebec-based micro-enterprises. Through its beer and food menu, Korrigane wishes to promote local and regional agribusinesses, particularly small artisanal producers. Korrigane also strives to participate in the positive development of Quebec’s craft brewing industry. It is important for us to operate according to the principles of sustainable development. Our mission lies not only in beer tasting but also, and above all, in education and open-mindedness!

Our artisan brewer's expertise


Red Ale

Mary Morgan

White Wheat Beer


Oatmeal Stout “Cream Ale”


India Pale Ale

Emily Carter

Blueberry Pale Ale

Saison aux framboises

Seasonal with Fruit

Black Kraken

Black IPA

Menu of light, affordable dishes prepared mainly with local, seasonal products

For a quart of ale is a dish for a king

– William Shakespeare

In the heart of the St. Roch neighbourhood


380, Dorchester Street
Québec (Qc) G1K 6A7
(418) 614-0932


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Opening Hours

Wednesday to Saturday: 11:30 am – 11:00 pm


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